New police station for Bogia

Police stations and manpower contribute to a significant part in addressing law and order issues.

Bogia district in Madang Province celebrated the country’s 44th Independence over the weekend with the opening of its newly built police station.

Among the celebration, they also witnessed the opening of the Police Station which coincided with the celebrations.

National Alliance party leader Patrick Pruaitch and other party members were in attendance, including the ACP Northern Commander Peter Guinness.


Bogia revives celebrations

Celebrations started on September 13th and ended on the 16th at the Bogia Administration centre.

It was an initiative by the Member for Bogia to revive the unity and the joyful culture of the Bogia people and to encourage development in the district. In the past, celebrations such as Independence Day, sports carnivals and choir festivals were only hosted by schools.

​Police officer convicted over girl’s shooting

Following a trial, the Waigani National Court convicted Jeffery Sheekiot of Sumusamu village, Bogia, Madang Province, for one count of wilful murder.

The court found that Sheekiot, while in the company of other officers on 19 April 2013, shot Feline Bune, a 12-year-old girl, during a car chase between 7pm and 9pm.

Police were under the impression the vehicle, driven by the mother of the deceased, was stolen after they saw it being chased by another private vehicle along the Waigani drive opposite Boroko Motors.

Local artistic trophies for winners of surfing championships

The  World Championships will be held in Bogia District, Madang Province from  March 18-25, 2017.

Local artists have created unique wooden trophies for the winners of the Longboard Championships.

While being creative, Andrew Abel, President of the Surfers Association of PNG said he is pleased and proud to have our own locally made trophies especially the carved surf board trophies for the annual event.

He said he was proud that the PNG artists are getting good exposure with their affordable carvings.

First permanent church building for Foursquare Karkum

It was a historic occasion to see a modern infrastructure being constructed because the Foursquare Church was the first Pentecostal church to establish its roots in 1982 in Karkum village, which is predominantly Roman Catholic.

The event was witnessed by several hundreds of people, mainly from sister churches in Madang, Bogia and the mainland Sumkar districts.

Health services restored in Bogia Community

With more than a decade of declined health services, the Boroi Aid Post has once again opened its doors to deliver essential health services to the Boroi community and neighbouring villages in January this year.

The aid post is part of World Vision’s Maternal Newborn Child Health (MNCH) Project’s target health facilities for renovation under its second and third year of implementation in Bogia District.