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Baki to invite PM in for questioning

The police commissioner is set on inviting Prime Minister Peter O’Neill in for questioning.


Baki urged to enforce warrant

Vanimo-Green MP Belden Namah has called on Police Commissioner, Gari Baki, to enforce the warrant of arrest on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

Namah sees more patriotism

Namah said he believes this maturity is a result of the people in the country having a bigger understanding of the issues affecting them.

The receptions he witnessed in different parts of the country for The Alliance members were overwhelming.

“Our people are becoming more patriotic in their stand as to the issues affecting our country.

“I just want to take this time to thank the people of this country for standing behind us, for the encouragement you have been giving team Alliance,” he said.

Baki urged to enforce warrant

In a media conference yesterday, Namah said the entire country is now watching Baki after the National Court decision that dismissed a judicial review of the arrest warrant.

“The entire country is now watching you. You are duty bound as the Police Commissioner to enforce the laws of this country.”

Namah has also called on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to respect the decision of the court and to go in for questioning.

He said O’Neill had a constitutional duty to the people of PNG to do so.

Namah confident with "Element of Surprise”

In an exclusive interview with Loop PNG tonight Vanimo Green MP Belden Namah says that his team is ready for Wednesday.

To date, the numbers count from Kokopo has been varied, Loop PNG this afternoon ran an update with an estimate of 50 members in camp.

However from the National Alliance FB page there is a list of 48 members whilst sources on ground give the count at 45.

Court Year in review- Leadership Tribunals

Vanimo-Green MP, Belden Namah was the only elected leader who went before an appointed tribunal, chaired by Justice Goodwin Poole (now retired), Senior Magistrate Mark Selefkariu and Ernest Wilmot.

This matter has since been stayed after he succeeded in convincing the National Court to permanently restrain appointed members of the Tribunal from further reconvening.

Namah first appeared before the Tribunal on Oct 23, 2015 to answer to 10 allegations of misconduct in office.

Namah calls for arrest of Secretaries

Namah made the call last night after the Opposition stormed out of the chamber in protest against the passing of the 2017 Budget.

“Those Members of Parliament who participated in the passage of the budget have also committed a fraud,” Namah said.

The Opposition says the Budget  was bulldozed through by the Government using its numerical strength was indeed not a Bill as the figures do not correspond.

The Appropriation Bill reads as over “K21 billion kina signed by the first legislative council” while the Treasurer’s speech confirmed  the figure to be K12.9 billion.

Namah boasts of district’s land use plan

The Vanimo-Green MP and PNG Party parliamentary leader made this comment on the FM100 radio talkback show yesterday.  

“What is lacking is a land use plan to guide a government at the LLG, provincial and national level,” Namah said.

He stated that the land use plan is a blueprint that will be used to direct development in specific areas.

Namah boasted about his rainforest and rugged electorate having the biggest oil palm plantation in the country spanning 140 hectares, beside its major revenue earner from logging.

Namah, Basil say sorry to Chief Somare

He said Sir Michael was a true father that always had a forgiving heart for his children.

Namah said what transpired was politics and nothing personnel.

Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil also apologised to Sir Michael for what they had done in 2011.

He said they realised that they did make a mistake with their actions in forcefully removing Sir Michael.

Basil also publicly apologised to Sir Michael in Wewak during Sir Michael’s 80th Birthday anniversary in March.

No-confidence vote is a democratic process: Namah

The Vanimo Green MP has thrown his support behind Opposition Leader Don Poyle’s Supreme Court appeal to ask Parliament to reconvene.

Parliament was adjourned last week Wednesday to August 2, one day after the Opposition filed the VONC motion.   

“This issue about Peter O’Neill is not a new issue; I made it very clear I decided to move away from this man on 11 August 2011 because I have seen who this guy is,” Namah told media this afternoon.  

“This guy is bad for our country and democracy.

Namah calls for PNG to remove PM

In 2014, the then opposition leader Belden Namah challenged the deal between Australia and PNG to open the Manus centre for offshore processing of asylum seekers who had tried to reach Australia.

PNG's Supreme Court last month ruled that the Manus arrangement was illegal.

Belden Namah said the ruling nearly three weeks ago showed that Mr O'Neill attempted to vandalise and compromise PNG's constitution to serve the policy interests of a foreign government.