Bartholomew Parapolo

More reshuffled Solomon Islands ministers take oaths

This comes after reports of discontent among some of the reshuffled ministers, including the former forestry minister Bodo Dettke.

Officials at Government House say five of the six reshuffled ministers have now taken their oaths - the latest being Bodo Dettke who now becomes the Minister of Culture and Tourism and Freda Tuki taking the portfolio for Youth, Women and Children's Affairs.

Tuki says she was swayed to take the new post after talking with her constituents.

Solomons watchdog condemns MPs 100K hotel tab

Augustine Auga, David Dei Pacha and Bartholomew Parapolo have been named by the opposition as having outstanding bills at Honiara's upmarket Heritage Park Hotel.

TSI's vice chairperson Andrew Muaki says not only have the MPs run up exorbitant bills dating back to January, but they have also received a monthly housing allowance of more than 1,000 dollars each.