APEC Leaders’ week

APEC fleet recalled

Fire engines, ambulance and buses will be distributed among the provinces while the VIP vehicles, including the Maserati, will undergo public tender process.

An audit of all fleet used at the APEC summit, whether donated or purchased by the government, has commenced and should be completed by the end of the year.

Eda Ranu completes water tanks for cruise liners

Eda Ranu management says they have completed and passed all necessary requirements to supply the cruise liners, which will provide accommodation for APEC delegates.

The water tanks are located at the Tee Wharf and Container Wharf at Downtown, and the third at Motukea.

Senior Eda Ranu management, gathered at the Downtown Container Wharf to announce the completion of the cruise liners water supply system.

Chief Operating Officer, Fifaia Matainaho, says they have completed all necessary requirements and are ready for APEC.