APEC 2018

Lupari calls on diplomatic missions for help

They are the 2017 General Election and the 2018 APEC Summit.

Lupari told heads of missions and representatives from the diplomatic community, in a briefing last Friday, that PNG will maintain constant dialogue and share information with them to deliver the milestone events.

“Those are major events as far as our calendar for 2017 and 2018. And we can’t do it on our own,” Lupari said.

“We need all your support, understanding and cooperation to make sure we deliver those two events.”

PNG’s diplomatic ties ‘fruitful’

Acting Foreign Affairs Secretary, William Dihm, said this success has resulted in stronger connections which will lead to positive results.

He stated this during the briefing of the diplomatic community on the 2017 General Elections and APEC 2018 yesterday.

“We’ve had a fruitful year and we (now) have stronger connection. And I think it’s a win-win situation for your side and our side by having that kind of benefit,” said Dihm.

Global cruise firm to handle APEC accommodation bookings

Minister for Sports, National Events, and APEC, Justin Tkatchenko, tells Loop PNG that P&O will handle all the bookings for all APEC economies.

“All the countries that are coming for APEC they will be advised through proper correspondence that they go through P&O to book their accommodation.

Three cruise liners have already been secured and will be providing temporary accommodation during the summit.

Each cruise liner has more than 2,000 rooms and will be parked at the bay at Ela Beach next to where the APEC House will be built.

TPA says FIFA has boosted PNG as tourism destination

Tourism Promotion Authority chief executive officer Jerry Agus said the reactions from the visiting teams and those in their home countries has been very positive thus far since the start of the competition.

Agus said many of the players, team officials and family and friends had to Google search PNG and initially had reservations about coming but after several weeks in the country, any negative perceptions they may have had has been erased.

He said the most important thing was that the people of Port Moresby and PNG generally have whole heartedly embraced the world cup.

Aviation safety to improve before APEC 2018


In an interview with Loop PNG, outgoing Chairman of the PNG Aviation Safety Conference, Mark Wheatly, said the international meet required specific standards which the country must meet.

“Were looking forward to APEC which is November 2018 (and) there’s going to be some impact on the industry around that PNG.”

“But basically we’re trying to improve aviation safety in PNG be it fixed wing, rotary wing, (and) on the ground,” he said.

Australia is PNG’s best friend, says Abbott

Abbott said this on Monday (November 08th) during the Federation Chamber meeting in the Australian Parliament in Canberra.

He said Australia continued to focus on countries in South East Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States and were more important to them.

“Australia and PNG have geography in common, but we also have a future to work on as well as a past to honour and respect,” said Abbott.

Abbott was in PNG recently where he presented a speech at the Anglicare PNG Annual Dinner on November 02nd in Port Moresby.

Security plans for APEC underway

The Exercise Long Reach 2016 workshop began on Monday with Joint disciplinary force representatives from both Australia and Papua New Guinea going into long and deep discussion into the security preparations for 2018.

The workshop is an activity based around the joint task force APEC security in 2018; planning and preparation and supporting the joint task force commander in building his understanding of command and control for APEC 2018.

Lieutenant Colonel Travis Gordon from the Deployable Joint Force Headquarters says, so far the workshop has been very successful.

APEC summit will be cancelled if Opposition forms government

The leader of the country’s alternative government gave the Opposition’s stand during grievance debate in Parliament on Friday.

“If the people give the Opposition mandate to be in government after the elections, the Opposition will definitely cancel the APEC meeting,” Polye said, as shouting erupted from both sides of the House.  

“I would like to inform our very valid friends and the 21 members of APEC, that is the position of Opposition in hosting the APEC,” said Polye.

Opposition: Cancel APEC summit, save PNG economy

Leader Don Polye says: “Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his government should swallow their pride and cancel hosting it.

“Our economy is in a crisis. Hosting it will only worsen the current cash-flow stricken economy as its costs will not be at K120 million as announced, but will run into billions of Kina,” warned Polye.

He has called on the Prime Minister and his Minister for National Events to make a list of measurable benefits the country will reap from hosting the event.

Polye calls Government ‘economy illiterate leaders’

He made the statement after being heckled by the Government caucus when questioning Prime Minister Peter O’Neill on the financing of APEC 2018 in PNG.

Polye asked O’Neill on the actual figure the Government was spending on the APEC Summit and was moving to his second question when the government coalition interjected with comments and boos.

“Shut up and listen!” shouted Polye.

He further stated: “You don’t understand the economy, you listen. You economy illiterate leaders in this house.”