APEC 2018

Around 300 CS officers on site during rampage

In a press briefing today, Acting CS Commissioner, Stephen Pokanis, revealed that each institution (PNGDF, police and CS) has been tasked to conduct an internal investigation and inform the Government on actions taken.

Pokanis said a meeting was conducted with CS officers on Wednesday, where remorse was shown and weapons returned back to the armoury.

Shops looted in nation’s capital

Reports have come in from Erima, Tokarara, Hohola, Waigani and Gerehu of opportunists looting, or attempting to loot, Asian-owned shops.

Residents at Waigani have reported that police had to fire teargas to disperse a gathering crowd while gunshots were heard at Gordon’s and Gerehu.

Witnesses have also reported the stoning of vehicles from the Erima to Nine-Mile road.

At around 12pm today, members of the Joint Security Task Force convoyed to the Parliament to air their grievances over the non-payment of APEC allowance.

APEC 2018 concludes

Amidst global challenges and economic conditions of today, APEC leaders will continue to focus on the efforts in trying to reduce inequalities and overcome trade barriers to drive growth and ensure prosperity.

Harnessing inclusive opportunities and embracing digital future was the heart of the discussions.


Spouse Program ends with APEC Garden opening

Officially opening the APEC Garden, Lynda Babao-O'Neill spoke about the significance of protecting the foundation of each economy and country; foundations based on culture, flora and fauna.

She reflected on PNG’s emergence from a tribal society to a modern nation.

The APEC Garden features 21 totem poles, traditionally hand-carved by Papua New Guineans.

Each totem pole represents the national symbols of the 21 APEC economies.

A touch of flora and fauna from the APEC economies are amongst PNG’s rare and unique orchid species.

Russia to open embassy in PNG

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill made the announcement on Saturday, November 17th, when meeting with the Russian leaders.

He added that PNG will also establish an embassy in Russia.

According to Britannica, the country of Russia stretches over a vast expanse of eastern Europe and northern Asia.

It is quite similar to PNG with its richness of resources that only the very wealthy and powerful benefit from.

Just like China and Western countries, Russia also enjoys the same strained relationship.

PNG media boycott APEC leaders’ arrival

Local media covering the arrivals in Port Moresby have been refused entry while the National Airport Corporation and protocol officers allowed the international media through.

The media were also refused entry yesterday whilst trying to cover the bilateral meeting between the Chinese President Xi Jinping and the other Pacific leaders.

“We waited all night. The same happened today,” journalist from a local TV station, Quintina Naime, said.

Philippine President received at Jackson’s

He was welcomed at the Jackson’s International Airport by a PNG delegate comprising Minister for Finance James Marape and Minister for Environment and Conservation, John Pundari.

President Duterte was also given a traditional welcome.

He also arrived ahead of the main Summit, to attend to a couple of engagements.

At 2:30 this afternoon, the President will sign a Memorandum of Agreement with the PNG Government and the Pacific Adventist University for a pilot rice farm.

Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, Benny Allan, will officiate at the ceremony.

PNG expects digital participation in outcome

Apart from increasing participation in the digital economy, it is hoped that the outcome will also look at measures to eliminate sexual and other violence and harassment against women and girls.

Minister for Trade and Foreign Affairs, Rimbink Pato, outlined that these social issues have severe impacts on PNG’s economy.

The Ministerial Meeting Chair also called for a clear acknowledgment of the steps needed to combat and adapt to the effects of climate change, which extremely threaten island economies and infrastructure in the Pacific.

Vietnam tops APEC economies in investments

According to a survey done by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) on the 21 APEC economies’ CEOs, Vietnam has a conducive environment to start business and has a cheap labour force as well.

In a press briefing this morning in Port Moresby, PwC in its latest survey of 1,189 business leaders across the 21 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) economies, PwC found that 35 percent were very confident of revenue growth, down slightly from 37 percent a year ago, while a net 51 percent plan to increase investments over the next year.

'Voices of the Future' participants tour PNG LNG Plant

This was near Port Moresby on Wednesday, 14th November.

The students, aged 16 to 30, were selected for their potential as future leaders of their economies. They are in PNG to attend APEC Leaders’ Week and witness first hand decision making at the highest level. Of the participants from Papua New Guinea, six are currently employed with ExxonMobil PNG.

They networked with management and the operations and maintenance staff responsible for operating the LNG Plant.