Alfred Manase

Manase’s win challenged in court

He filed the petition challenging the election of rival Alfred Manase as Kandep MP.

Polye is alleging bribery, undue influence against Manase and illegal practices, errors and omission against the Electioral Commission in the petition.

A total of eight witnesses will be summoned by his lawyers to appear in court for the trial, on a date that is yet to be set.

Speaking to supporters outside court, he claims the election was rigged and has taken it to the Court of Disputed Returns.

He says the people of Papua New Guinea must stand up for what is far and right.

Minimizing air travel cost a must

Speaking during the launching of the “National Airline Corporations Sustainable Growth Strategy” Manase said he wants to ensure that air travel is affordable for all Papua New Guineans.

 He said he will undertake discussions with all stakeholders within the industry and believes that affordable flying can be achieved.

Meantime the corporate plan launching was held in a Town Hall meeting fashion with NAC staff witnessing the event.

Kandep fighting: Manase, Polye’s silence deafening

Baki urged both leaders to take ownership of the conflict and condemn the fighting, which has resulted in several deaths.

He said their silence on the clashes is seen to be in support of the conflict in the Province.

“Of concern also is the fact that none of the other elected leaders, including the two named, have come out to stop the fighting,” he said.

“Mr Polye and Mr Manase should now not be talking about politics but to stop the death and destruction and finding ways to bring back peace and law and order into the province.

Kandep Open recount elimination to begin

At the close of first preferential recount around 9pm yesterday Opposition Leader and sitting MP Don Polye leads by a difference of 10, 314 votes.         

“No candidates obtained the absolute majority so we’re going into elimination process starting tomorrow (today) to find the winner,” Kandep Returning Officer Alwin Jimmy told Loop PNG yesterday.

He said the absolute majority of 50 per cent plus one is 25, 585 votes.  

Jimmy said after completion of count 72, Don Polye leads with 22, 647 votes and Alfred Manase 12, 333 on second placing.   

Polye widens margin in Kandep recount

After count 62, which ended the votes recount yesterday evening, the sitting Kandep MP and Opposition Leader collected 21,235 votes, says Kandep Returning Officer Alwin Jimmy.

Jimmy told Loop PNG that Alfred Manase is in second place with 9,921 votes and all the other candidates are yet to master the 3,000 vote mark.

He added that 43,640 ballot papers were allowed, and 260 votes were found to be informal.

Polye takes a commanding lead in recount

Polye leads the pack with 8,131 votes, followed by Alfred Manase on 2,955 votes and in third position is Herman Anep with 1,286 votes.          

The recount started on Saturday after lunch following continuous delay caused by unavailability of a counting venue and also action by supporters of the sitting MP who claimed that the ballot boxes was tempered with.    

PPC Enga calls for peace during Kandep recount

The recount was started on Saturday after continuous disruptions.   

The court had directed the recount of the seat after a successful election petition by 2012 runner-up Alfred Manase.

The court ordered that the recount must be counted within 30 days which will lapse this Thursday.

If a winner is not declared by close of counting on Thursday, the PNG Electoral Commission must return to Court and ask for an extension.

Court refuses to stay re-count

The Supreme Court today refused to allow a Slip Rule application that was filed by sitting Kandep MP, Don Polye to proceed to a hearing.

Polye filed the slip rule application asking the court to revisit its decision of Sept 6, alleging the court fell into error when it issued an order for a re-count.

On May 2, the National Court ordered a count of 5 disputed ballot boxes from the areas of  Lungutenges No.1, Kombros No.1, Kambia No. 1, Maru and Imipaka however the Full court on Sept 6 varied that order, and told the Electoral Commission to conduct a re-count in 30 days.

Delayed Kandep recount to take place

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader and Kandep MP Don Polye lawyers are trying to ask the Supreme Court to reverse its decision after ordering the recount.   

The Slip Rule application will be heard tomorrow in Port Moresby.

Gamato told Loop PNG that the recount will be of all the 2012 ballot boxes will be held unless the court rules otherwise.

“There is a slip rule application before the Supreme Court but does not stop us from doing the recount, it will continue until the court decides otherwise,” Gamato said.

I’m a victim of Electoral Commission error: Polye

Polye in a statement said an error by the Returning officer for Kandep Open electorate, Naipata Kier has resulted in the court decision until the counting of the disputed ballot boxes.

There are five disputed ballot boxes which the court ruled for it to be counted.

Polye said he won the Kandep Open electorate by a big margin only to be set aside due to the error by the Electoral Commission and its agents.

“I am just a victim of an error by the Returning Officer.