Alfred Manase

Atoni Jeneral rausim oda bilong stopim mosen

Loya bilong Manase, John Griffin, i bin kisim bek dispela aplikesen aster long taim tripela Suprim Kot jas, Jastis Derek Hartshorn, Collin Makail, na Oagile Bethuel Dingake i sindaun long harim.

Long Me 15 Manase i bin redim wanpela Aplikesen long stopim Palamen na Praivet Bisnis Komiti long harim wanpela notis bilong mosen bilong vot i no gat bilip (VONCM) we Oposisen i bin kamapim long Me 7.  

Tasol Lida bilong Oposisen, Patrick Pruaitch i bin rausim pinis VONCM long Mande Me 20, wantaim James  Marape, man husat ol i redim long kisim sia bilong Praim MInista.

State files VoNC stay motion

With the Vote of No Confidence motion filed by Opposition on May 7, the Attorney General, Alfred Manase, filed an application to ask the court to stay the VoNC motion from progressing.

“Yesterday I filed an urgent application in the Supreme Court, seeking an order to stay the Parliament and its Committee (PBC) from entertaining or dealing with the notice of motion of no confidence until the Supreme Court makes a final determination of the Supreme Court reference, which was lodged by my predecessor on the 3rd of December, 2018.”

Justice dept issues appeal following kidnapping scare

Furthermore, the public has been advised to contact the National Anti-Human Trafficking Secretariat in the department.

Minister for Justice and Attorney General Alfred Manase said the ministry is on standby to assist police to deal with suspected incidences of human trafficking and alleged kidnappings.

“The department will shortly look at the relevant provisions of the criminal code to ensure that people are protected, and if there is any absence in the legislative framework to ensure that people are held accountable for kidnapping,” said the Minister.

Caretaker Minister for Justice, Attorney General

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said the Cabinet portfolio is highly important for public and business sector governance, and Manase, who is the Minister for Civil Aviation, has the requisite experience.

“Minister Manase has a strong legal background and a comprehensive knowledge of critical issues in the justice system,” said O’Neill.

“The Minister for Justice and Attorney General is a senior Cabinet position and we must ensure continuity ahead of the formal Ministerial appointment.

Cockpit Voice Recorder retrieved from PX 073

Minister for Civil Aviation, Alfred Manase, announced this recently.

The CVR is a vital device for investigators as they aim to find out the circumstances behind the crash landing of PX Flight 073 in the Chuuk Lagoon in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM).

The Minister said the CVR was retrieved at 1:40pm on Friday 5th October by US Navy divers.

The CVR preserves the recent history of the sounds in and around the cockpit, including communication between the aircraft and air traffic control and the conversations of the pilots.

AIC investigation team in Chuuk

Minister for Civil Aviation, Alfred Manase, said two investigators arrived in Chuuk 22 hours following the incident and immediately commenced assisting the FSM investigation team.

Minister Manase said as per the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annex 13 Standards, the FSM have allowed for the PNG AIC Investigation team to participate in the investigation.

He said the two member team arrived in Chuuk on Saturday 29th September at 8 am and immediately began investigation with FSM officials.

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Student allegedly burns down classroom

About 200 students from Kila Kila Secondary School are now left without a classroom after it was allegedly set alight this afternoon.


Kandep trial next Monday

The petition trial over the Kandep open seat, filed by former MP, Don Polye will start next week Monday.

Minister explains Kundiawa Airport delay

Minister for Civil Aviation Alfred Manase revealed this in parliament yesterday after Member for Karamui-Nomane, Geoffrey Kama, asked to know why the ground work on the airport runway was completed two years ago, but operations have yet to commence.

“Two years ago construction was completed but the airport has not opened yet. Can the Minister tell us why?

“It has become uneconomical for the people of Simbu to travel to Mt Hagen and Goroka to catch a flight,” Kama said.

Court: Kandep leaders must take responsibility

Court of Disputed Returns administration judge, Justice Collin Makail, said the two leaders will have to take responsibility and tell their people and supporters to respect the court process and the election petition in court.

He made the comments when fixing the venue for the election petition trial.

Suggestions were made by Polye’s lawyer to have the trial heard in either Mt Hagen or Mendi due to security reasons however, the judge said there is the National Court facility in Wabag that can be utilised.

Venue for Kandep petition trial to be fixed

The venue will be confirmed during pre-trial conference this Wednesday at the Waigani National Court.

Polye and his lawyer suggested to the court to have the trial conducted in a court facility apart from the Enga Province, however, parties could not agree on the venue.

Due to the fights and killing by supporters during the election period, security remains a concern.

Suggested trial dates have been set in the month of May next year however that is subject to being formalised by the court.