Aihi Vaki

Provincial govts urged to furnish reports

Acting Secretary for the Department of Implementation and Rural Development, Aihi Vaki, said 75 percent of provincial and district administrations are yet to furnish their reports to the department. 

Vaki is concerned that provincial governments and district development authorities are very slow in submitting their acquittals to the department.

“It is the responsibility of the administrations to submit reports to the department during the first quarter of the following year in order to receive the next lot of SIP grants for development purposes,” he said in a statement.

89 districts, MPs challenged to be accountable

Acting Secretary of the Department of Implementation and Rural Development, Aihi Vaki, wants reports and acquittals for Service Improvement Programs, 5 year development plans and non-discretionary funds to precisely show the link between decisions, development plans and implementation and how funds were used in these areas.

This, he says, is the basis of delivering tangible development.

Vaki said it is required by law that these reports and acquittals be submitted.

Growing trend of nonsubmission of reports

The Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD) Acting Secretary, Aihi Vaki, says administrations at the subnational level fail by not submitting services improvement program (SIP) reports, including 5-year development plans, as required by the law.

The deadline for furnishing acquittal reports and five-year development plans has lapsed for the last term of parliament 2013-2017, and those provincial and district administrations that have failed should be blamed for non-compliance.