Acting public solicitor

Reference on death penalty filed

Following the passage of the death penalty by parliament in 2013, the criminal justice system has imposed the penalty on serious criminal offences.

However, the sentence imposed by the courts in various serious criminal cases have not been carried out because of the procedures involved in executing the death penalty.

New legal book celebrated

On Friday night the Deputy Chief Justice, Sir Gibbs Salika made this remarks when launching a book authored by the acting Public Solicitor, Leslie Mamu. 

The book titled Supreme Court practices and procedures covers the law and the principles and practice in the Supreme Court.

Author, Leslie Mamu explained that the book is a collection of materials, cases and laws put together to make it easy for law practitioners and court users that come before the Supreme Court.

Public solicitors’ in-house training starts

Public solicitor lawyers from all over the country, including lawyers at its headquarters, are attending this three-day training at Holiday Inn, Port Moresby.  

The public solicitor’s office was established by the Government to provide legal aid to the general public who cannot afford hefty legal fees from private law firms.

The office has some of the most committed lawyers helping the general public.