Child in ICU at Popondetta General Hospital following accident

Popondetta General Hospital Chief Executive Officer Dr Gunzee Gawin told Loop PNG today that the three children were on the PMV truck that was involved in a nasty accident on Monday afternoon with an Oil palm fruit truck.

Dr Gawin told Loop PNG that the death toll still remains at 13 from Monday from the 29 passenger in the PMV truck.

However, four patient has been discharged this morning while 12 are still in hospital with three of them in a very critical condition.

Popondetta General Hospital mortuary full

Chief Executive Officer Dr Gunzee Gawin told Loop PNG that the hospital mortuary will only cater for 12 bodies.

“Right now, we have more than 20 bodies in the mortuary. Some were unclaimed bodies from last year.”

However, he thanked the Swire Shipping for providing a 30ft container for the hospital to use and place some bodies in.

Dr Gawin said a mass burial will be made for the deceased either this weekend or next Monday.

Oro relatives demand K50 million for road accident

Popondetta General Hospital CEO Dr Gunzee Gawin told Loop PNG that the driver and crew of the oil palm fruit truck ran away after the accident and are still at large.

Dr Gawin says the police are still looking for them and will be arrested soon.

He said Ijivitari MP David Aore and Sohe MP Delilah Gore are negotiating with Higaturu and the people on a prudent solution on the issue.

Meanwhile, all shops, banks and service stations in Popondetta are still closed as relatives and friends are  demanding answers to the cause of the road accident yesterday.

Mexico fireworks blast: Dozens killed in Tultepec explosion

More than 70 others were injured as the blast hit the San Pablito fireworks market in Tultepec, about 20 miles (32km) outside the city.

Video from the scene showed a large number of fireworks rocketing into the air as they caught fire.

Dozens of paramedics and police attended the scene. The cause of the explosions is not yet known.

Locals have been told to avoid the area and keep roads clear.

Five flee accident

The incident happened at 14 mile near Koiari Park Primary school in Port Moresby.

Bystanders claimed that the five people were intoxicated with alcohol and sped along the highway before trying to turn a corner and accidentally overturned the vehicle.

Residents nearby rushed to the scene and pushed the car over before it rolled into a shallow drain near the road.

Luckily, all fled the scene alive before police arrived.

The five people are believed to be from Chimbu with the vehicle that belongs to the JKB Construction.

Police challenged to look into ‘drink driving’

The accident caused the deaths of two people and two others sustained serious injuries in what police say was an alcohol related accident along the Magi Highway in the Central Province.

Comments posted on Loop PNG website called for police to introduce the breath alcohol tester (BAC) along the highways and city streets.

"It's about time the Police Traffic introduce random BAC testing along our Highways and within city roads. It should be a zero tolerance approach. Drivers caught over this alcohol limits should be taken off the road and charged," one said.

Bus plunge in gorge kills driver

Simbu police described the bus in the crash as “crushed empty can”.

Provincial Police Commander for Chimbu Province Albert Beli says investigations have revealed the driver was not alert as a result of continuously driving from one province to another.

Six die in NCD road accident

Three men and three women died when a brown Open-Back Toyota Land Cruiser ran off the road killing five people instantly while the driver of the vehicle was stone to death by angry residents.

Witnesses said the driver and his two male colleagues were intoxicated and drove at high speed down a slope before running off the road hitting three women and a man who at a bettlenut market.

The vehicle dragged the four people some 5 meters away before crashing into the Marinata Christian Academy School fence.

Woman dies, two children critically injured

When contacted by LOOP PNG, one official said; “Yes. One of our officers is upstate now to verify. Our Washington DC guys coming tomorrow.”

The Daily Freeman reported the 57 yo woman died in a one-car crash into a rock embankment on the Taconic State Parkway.

Vehicle crashes into family yard in POM

As adults watched television and kids were just about dozing off to sleep in their bedroom, a vehicle skid off the road and rammed into the property fence stopping abruptly near a room but not before crashing into the home owner’s 12 month old car.