Narrow escape for trio

The incident happened in the early hours of Christmas Eve, say the guards on duty.

They claim it was probably after a heavy night of partying, as the driver (a man) and two passengers (another man and a woman), were heavily intoxicated.

According to the stadium guards, the car – a small grey Toyota Grande – drove out of the intersection from Vulupindi Haus.

And instead of turning right towards the traffic lights, drove straight towards the opposite side of the road.

​Family of 7 loses son in collision

The family’s eldest 10-year-old son tragically lost his life while 5 of the remaining family members received severe injuries; only the youngest, a two-year-old, escaped unscathed.

Ps Stanley Ebi and wife Nancy said at the Warakalap check point, the driver of their PMV bus was speeding along a sharp turn when all of a sudden, they found themselves rolling four or five times down a cliff.

The parents are students of Pabarabuk Pacific Bible College and they were involved in the accident just a few kilometers shy of the college.

Baby involved in accident

A vehicle crashed head on with a PMV truck, Sunamist, that was travelling to Rigo, Central Province.

Reports stated that the truck hit the smaller vehicle while it was trying to avoid a pothole.

According to the driver of the Camry, he was rushing his wife to the hospital when he tried to avoid the larger truck.

Unfortunately, he turned too late, resulting in the truck crashing into them.

Speeding costs lives!

This was the reprimand given by the Central police commander, Laimo Asi, when speaking about a fatal accident caused by speeding over the weekend.

PPC Asi says a woman was killed while 5 others were seriously injured when a 15-seater bus from Tubuserea was involved in an accident with a 15-seater bus from Rigo.

The accident took place on Thursday, May 4th, at around 6am around the City Mission area.

Police report that the Tubuserea bus was pulling to the side of the road to let off some passengers when the bus from Rigo collided into them.

Elderly woman killed in tragic ENB accident

A taxi driver, who was allegedly under the influence of alcohol, hit her with his vehicle and dragged her body for at least 20 metres, where she died instantly.

The tragedy occurred at Vitabaur village on Saturday, April 15, at around 6.30pm.

“He was driving at high speed without lights,” Provincial police commander Joseph Tabali told Loop PNG.

“The car was swaying from side to side when it hit the elderly pedestrian, dragged her body then overturned.

“Police attended to the scene, removed the body and took it to the Vunapope hospital.”

Tragic PMV accident claims 6

Eyewitnesses claimed the bus was travelling at high speed towards Nadzab when it came upon another vehicle in front. The driver tried to veer away from it when he lost control.

The 25-seater PMV bus, which operates between Lae and Nadzab in Morobe Province, ran off the road near the Flour Mill at Six-Mile and nosedived into the nearby drain.

The driver and five others died instantly from the impact while other passengers were rushed to the Angau Memorial General Hospital.

Police were at the scene to assist the casualties.

Men acquitted of murder

Jeffery Pitu, Jacob Lais and Newman Upas were charged with the murder of their relative, Matthew Masket on Feb 22, 2015.

Justice Panuel Mogish today acquitted them of the charge because he was of the view that Masket died as a result of the impact of the car crash at the tunnel between Stop N Shop and the RSPCA clinic.

He said this was a case of “who to believe” which the State did not prove beyond reasonable doubt.

Dump truck crushes utility killing two

The accident happened today, around midday behind Sir Hubert Murray Stadium at Konedobu in Port Moresby.

According to eye witnesses, the dump truck belonging to POM Stones was fully loaded with sand and was travelling downhill from Lawes Road.

The driver sensing mechanical faults started sounding the horn as a warning, alerting the drivers of other vehicles in front of him to give way.

Before crashing into the vehicle which the victims were in, the dump truck, hit two cars- a taxi  and another car. Luckily, passengers of the two cars escaped unharmed.

K70,000 cash, 13 truck loads of food for Oro road accident victims

The contributions was given by national employees of Higaturu Oil Palm Limited (HOPL).

The 6,900 workers contributed K20 each with some giving more towards the funeral arrangements.

The employees include those at HOPL, POPGA, OPIC and growers from Mamba down to Embi Estate.

One food truck will be given to each of the 13 victims.

Spokesman for the employees Ezekiel Baraha stressed that they were not there to represent any organization, but as fellow Papua New Guineans expressing their condolences in typical Melanesian way.

Injured passengers recovering at Popondetta hospital

 Hospital CEO Dr Gunzee Gawin told Loop PNG this morning that the victims have now been allowed to eat and drink.

Of the total 29 passengers, 13 were confirmed dead while the other 16 were hospitalised. Four of them were discharged yesterday while the remaining 12 were still inpatients at the hospital but are recovering.

Dr Gawin thanked the hospital surgeon, Dr Petrus Opum who has done very well to manage the victims this far.

 He said surgery is now being planned in the next several days to mend broken bones in particular.