30th APEC Ministerial Meeting

PNG expects digital participation in outcome

Apart from increasing participation in the digital economy, it is hoped that the outcome will also look at measures to eliminate sexual and other violence and harassment against women and girls.

Minister for Trade and Foreign Affairs, Rimbink Pato, outlined that these social issues have severe impacts on PNG’s economy.

The Ministerial Meeting Chair also called for a clear acknowledgment of the steps needed to combat and adapt to the effects of climate change, which extremely threaten island economies and infrastructure in the Pacific.

APEC Ministerial Meeting underway

Officially opening the meeting, PNG’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Rimbink Pato, told the international delegation that today’s meeting is to prepare their final plans and their onward communication not only for the APEC economies and their people but also to the world.

“Fellow Ministers, it comes to us to fulfil our role as political representatives of our governments and citizen.

“The role is to stand on the platforms prepared by our officials and to finalise the plans and vision for which this APEC meeting will be remembered,” said Minister Pato.