Trial matches scheduled for Hunters

The SP PNG Hunters will play two trial matches to begin their 2020 campaign in the Intrust Super Cup.

Head coach Matthew Church said the trial matches will give the team a good platform heading into next year’s competition.

Church announced last week that the Hunters will play a home and an away trial match before the ISC season proper starts.

“We lead into the pre-season with two trial matches, so we have a trial match here before the NRL against the Central Queensland Capras, and then the following week in Cairns we are playing the Northern Pride, which will give us a great platform heading into the season, which I believe that we did not have any trial matches this year, so this gives us a good start to our preparations into the 2020 season,” said Church.

A 40-man pre-season squad was announced on Friday.

“We will do a four-week block until Christmas, will finish around the 23rd (December), just before Christmas and send them on a break just before Christmas and give them a bit of homework to do, and then hopefully everyone comes back willing to start fresh on Monday 6th January.”

Church has had a look at the Hunters’ previous schedules and will bring in some new ideas to the franchise.

“I had a brief meeting with Solomon yesterday, and went through what they have gone through in pre-seasons past. I’ve got a schedule myself and probably in the next few days I’ll distribute that to the staff so they can have a look.

“There will be some changes for what I’m seeing and they are just little teaks and minor so I’m not re-inventing the wheel,” added Church.

The pre-season squad:

1 Junior Rau

2 Stanton Albert

3 Baundo Aba

4 Illa Alu

5 Dilbert Issac

6 Enock Maki

7 Patrick Morea

8 Ase Boas

9 Gairo Kapana

10 Epel Kapinias

11 Shane Haro

12 Kevin Appo

13 Junior Rop

14 Joe Frank

15 Brendan Nima

16 Nick Hasu

17 Justin Yoka

18 Jerry Teme

19 Roy Ellison

20 Woods Kawage

21 Terry Wapi

22 Smith Siviri

23 Sailas Gahuna

24 Willie Minoga

25 John Stanley

26 Sani Wabo

27 Gilmo Paul

28 Emmanuel Waine

29 Francis Takai

30 Solomon Pukari

31 Allan Simbiri

32 Stanford Talita

33 Mark Piti

34 Charlie Simon

35 Joe Joshua

36 Messac Wallen

37 Stanley Olo

38 Benji Kot

39 Garry Lo

40 Rhadley Brawa

All 40 players will go into camp in Port Moresby on Monday, November 25.

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Cedric Patjole