Team Parker slam Anthony Joshua's NZ, Samoa media snub

Joseph Parker's team have slammed the behaviour of heavyweight rival Anthony Joshua, after the British fighter refused to speak to New Zealand and Samoan media in Sheffield yesterday.

At his open media session yesterday, Joshua walked out on his interviews with the Kiwi and Samoan contingents - coincidentally the two nations that Joseph Parker fights for.

Speaking to media this morning, Parker's team made it clear that this was no coincidence on Joshua's part.

"Some people are humble, and some people pretend to be humble," promoter David Higgins said.

"For those Kiwi journalists to drive all the way to Sheffield, and for him to walk out and leave them standing - it goes to character."

"Samoa's a long way, and hopefully Anthony Joshua makes time for our colleagues from Samoa the next time we meet."

Parker's trainer Kevin Barry didn't hold back in his assessment of Joshua either.

"This is not just about Anthony Joshua - there is an undefeated WBO champion called Joseph Parker, and his people are here form New Zealand and they're here from Samoa," Barry said.

"Show them a little bit of respect."

"Hopefully he (Joshua) will get off his high horse, and when we sit down and have a press conference next week, he will speak to the media who are here, and give them the respect that they deserve, as we have done to the UK media."