Public service games hailed a success

There have been indications of making the annual Public Service Sports Program games a national event following its recent success.

The games attracted a total of 30 departments who took the Bisini Sports Precinct for a social game of mixed netball, mixed volleyball and mixed soccer last Friday.

Head of Events and Events, Marketing & Sponsorship Director for hosts PNG Sports Foundation, John Susuve, said the event was well attended by all departments.

He indicated that the event would be bigger and better in the future as spelled out by the number of public servants that attended.

“The CEO (PNGSF) would like to see this event become a gazetted event and will be submitting an information paper to the Minister of Sports,” stated Susuve.

The event, mooted to be beneficial for the public service in the country, began last year with 20 departments but this year the number has risen to 30.

Indications of public servants facing curable health issues that lead to lack of delivery on most of the government’s key agendas is the inspiration behind the event’s theme “Active Workforce - Healthy Lives”.

PNGSF CEO Peter Tsiamalili Junior believes that the PSSP is aimed to not only address fitness but more so highlight the nutritional intake we have as active public servants.

“Knowing the type of food you take into your body is 60-70 percent of your active and healthy body,” Tsiamalili Junior said.

In the netball competition, Internal Revenue Commission beat Department of Finance for the 2019 title with PNGSF coming in third.

In volleyball, Parliamentary Services took out the honours over Correctional Services followed by PNGSF.

In soccer, Department of Foreign Affairs overcame Auditor General’s Office in a penalty shootout as was the case in the 3rd place play off where IRC defeated Censorship Office.

Susuve said the overall champions for the perpetual shield will be announced in two weeks’ time following an evaluation meeting.

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