PNGFA set focus on development of Member Associations

PNGFA’s mission for 2017-2020 is to strengthen and develop Member Associations.

The areas which PNGFA hopes to do this is through member association competition structure, member association technical development programs, member association administration and business development planning programs and members association infrastructure development.

Member associations are eligible to apply funding through the financial assistance programme (FAP) to the total of K100,000 maximum per year.

The financial assistance program will be headed by former Madang president Siegfred Beschel. The program is geared as a development tool to assist ember associations in specific areas including; investment and capital cost, education and capacity building, project staff costs, football events and competitions, project marketing and consultancy fees and others.

The financials assistance will be given to member associations who have a strategic plan in place.

The financial assistance program (FAP) needs to be used transparently and has to be recorded in order to be reported for audit purposes.

PNG Football Association also took a stand this year to support clubs who represented PNG at the OFC Champions League. The support will come in terms of technical and financial.

K50, 000 will be given to the club to assist them in their preparation and also while they are in New Zealand for the tournament. The money will be given to the club who has 100% PNG players.

Priorities will also be given to our national teams in both male and female in youth to senior level.

The National Soccer League will be the main agenda for this year which includes the Men’s and the Women’s Soccer League. The National Soccer League will be developed from semi-professional to professional  status while an Interim board and management has been appointed to oversee the NSL 2017 season.

Building a football foundation is vital, and education programs have already been drawn up to cater for that. PNG Football Academy in Lae and Kimbe technical centre will be developed into education centres. Plans are also underway for other two regions as well.

The Papua New Guinea Football Association’s mission is based on three pillars: to grow the game, create pathways and generate income.



Cedric Patjole