PNG teams will debut at World Rugby Sevens

Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018 begins this weekend in San Francisco, USA.

World Rugby Chief Executive, Brett Gosper, said Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018 is set to break new ground on and off the field of play as it debuts a number of initiatives, which will enhance fan experience and bring fans closer to the action than ever before.

He said on the field, with the new ‘knock-out’ format, every game counts as teams need to win every match to be crowned Rugby World Cup Sevens champions.

The new tournament format will create a unique and exciting atmosphere for those watching both in the stadium and at home.

Meantime, in the Round of 16 match which kicks off this Saturday July 21, the PNG Palais will take on Australia, while in the Pre-Round 16 matches, also this Saturday the PNG Pukpuks take on Canada.

Both PNG teams debut at the World Rugby Sevens.

(Picture: djcoilrugby)

Salome Vincent