Pepes squad of 15 named

The PNG Pepes final squad of 15 for next month’s Netball World Cup 2019 Regional Qualifier- Oceania in New Zealand was named this afternoon.

The squad:

  1. Jeperth Tulapi
  2. Rayleen Andrew
  3. Boio Peter
  4. Nancy Alu
  5. Tiata Ovia
  6. Nerrie Adula
  7. Mary Ellen Bonser
  8. Jacklyn Lahari
  9. Mayleen Nona
  10. Kimberley Alex
  11. Serena Ovia
  12. Nancy Beaso
  13. Hannah Borreto
  14. Julianne Diro
  15. Ravusiro Vali

The squad will be further trimmed down to 12 players before the team leaves for New Zealand in their quest for a place in the 16-team 2019 World Cup.

The Qualifier will run from April 17-22.


Photo credit: Netball PNG


Troy Taule