Pacific Oceania ponder changes to Fed and Davis Cup preparation

Pacific Oceania believes a lack of time together is hindering hopes of promotion in the Fed and Davis Cup tennis tournaments.

The women finished in a share of fifth place last week in Asia/Oceania Zone Group Two, while the men defeated Turkmenistan to avoid relegation from Group Three.

This is the third year since the Pacific Oceania Fed Cup team was revived and captain Patrice Cotti said they travelled to Tajikistan with high hopes.

"Last year we lost against Philippines and Philippines was promoted so this year we expected to make a good result," he said.

"After our win against Iran we had to win against Hong Kong China to be in the semifinals. We lost 3-0 but it was pretty tough and pretty close because Steffi Carruthers lost the third game against the number two of Hong Kong China 7-5 6-3 so it was really close.

"And Abigail Tere-Apisah in the game against the number one of Hong Kong China she lost 6-4 6-4 but she was up 4-3 in each set and each game was pretty tough.

"I was disappointed because I think it was possible for us to win but Hong Kong China was strong and after that they won their semifinal and they were promoted."

Pacific Oceania's four Fed Cup players all live in different countries, and Patrice Cotti, who is based in Tahiti, said one of the biggest challenges facing them is distance.

"It's very difficult for Fed Cup and Davis Cup teams because we only meet one time during the year because we don't have any time to have a good preparation so we need each player of each improve by themselves (throughout the year)," he said.

"So it's difficult but I think in the future if we have a player like Colin Sinclair in the Davis Cup and Carol Lee (in Fed Cup), because she's really young and really talented, we can have promotion for Davis Cup and for Fed Cup no problem and maybe more players - maybe we don't know them very well but we have to discover them."

Patrice Cotti wants to stay on for at least once more Fed Cup campaign and said they might need to explore.

"Maybe we have to meet altogether 15 days before the draw, before the competition, because even if we don't meet together along the year maybe if we stay maybe one month before at the competition (venue) maybe it will be better because we have to work on the doubles, we have to work on everything," he said.

"Maybe it's some details but after all, at the end, the details make the difference."



Photo: Supplied The Pacific Oceania Fed Cup team in Tajikistan.