Netball association promotes healthy living

The Public Servants Netball Association aims to encourage healthy living for women and daughters.

The President of the Association is encouraging more women to join and experience the benefits that come with being active.

Since 1989, the association has seen an increase from just four public service teams playing in Port Moresby to 55.

President Maria Laka is urging women and daughters of public servants to join the association, saying it will keep them healthy and fit, not to mention it will be a good avenue to build connections mentally and physically.

“The objective of this competition is to have a bonding between the public servants’ women. This is a platform where all working mothers can get out of their seats to come and network here.”

Laka further encouraged the women to invite their spouses, families and friends to support them and avoid misunderstandings. She believes this will create a better environment in and out of the home.

Additionally, public servants and departments benefit as participants through the access of information like NID, passports and IPA registrations.

Women and daughters who registered in the association have been playing every weekend at the Rita Flynn Indoor Complex.

(Article by Jasmine Iru – third year UPNG Journalism student)

Jasmine Iru