K480,000 for Central Dabaris

The Central Dabari Rugby League Inc can now endure the entire Digicel Cup 2019 season, courtesy of a whopping donation of K480,000.

Gas Resources PNGLNG PLANT Ltd have now come on board as major sponsors for the new rugby league franchise.

Gas Resources PNGLNG Plant Ltd is a community trust company of the four impacted villages of Central Province – Papa, Lealea, Boera and Porebada.

Chairperson Ulato Avei said since they believe in unity and the culture of sharing, the board of directors made the bold decision of supporting the Central Dabaris Rugby League Inc.

“Because we see Central Dabaris as not only a football game; we see Central Dabaris beyond football,” she said. “We want Central Dabaris to be a catalyst to influence change in communities. We want Central Dabaris to stand up and reflect the lifestyle of Central Province.

“We also want to see discipline in the young men that we are trying to promote here.”

On behalf of the franchise, Chairman Keith Iduhu extended their gratitude for the kind gesture and support.

“It is indeed a momentous occasion and blessing that you have stepped in at such a time as this,” Iduhu stated. “Your contribution and your support is truly a vote of confidence in the abilities of these young men who carry our flag quite proudly throughout this country.”

Iduhu highlighted that in their journeys to other parts of the country, the Dabaris have achieved the cause of unifying the Central people in diaspora.

“It has certainly brought together men, women and children living outside of Port Moresby and brought back our sense of pride to our province.”

Meantime, during the same event, the office of Central Governor Robert Agarobe and Goilala MP William Samb made individual pledges to the team with commitments of K200,000 and K100,000 respectively.

Carmella Gware