K309, 000 for Team PNG

This week’s auctions in Port Moresby and Lae raised K309, 000 for Team PNG from the sale of 30, 900 Trukai Fun Run shirts.

The first auction held in Lae on Wednesday evening sold 17,000 bringing in a K170, 000.

A further K5, 300 was raised from the sales of a signed SP Hunters jersey for K2, 800 and a signed North Queensland Cowboys jersey which went for K2, 500.

The items were purchased by Traisa and Territory Packing.

The top five bidders in Lae:

Traisa (K24, 000), Trukai Industries Ltd (K22, 000), Papindo, (K19, 000) Raumai 18 (K15, 000), Ramu Agri Industries Ltd bought (K14, 000).

In Port Moresby last night, 13, 900 shirts were bought. This brought in a further K139, 000.

The top five bidders in Port Moresby:

International Training Institute ( K25,000) Post PNG Ltd ( K16,000), National Development Bank (K11,000), City Pharmacy Ltd ( K11,000), and Steel Industries ( K9,000).

The top five bidders were rewarded with return airline tickets to Sydney, Brisbane, Singapore, Hong Kong and Cairns courtesy of Air Niugini.

President of PNGOC Sir John Dawanincura, said the organisation was grateful to the business community in Lae and Port Moresby for the continuous support through the Trukai Fun Run.

“Your support makes it possible to send PNG’s elite athletes to international sporting events where they continue to amaze and inspire us.

“At their best, PNG’s athletes are just as good as any other athlete in the world and they are able to reach their peak.

“As responsible corporate citizens, you also inspire us with your will to succeed in the corporate environment while ensuring that others also have a firm base to step on.

“The Trukai Fun Run not only raises much needed funds for Team PNG but also has a wide ranging benefit to the community.”

The 2018 Trukai Fun Run will be held on June 24.

Troy Taule