Hunters to leave for Lae this afternoon

The SP PNG Hunters will leave for the Lae country week game this afternoon, where a large turnout is expected for the first-of-its-kind event in Morobe Province.

For the first time in four years, a Hunters match is being played outside of Port Moresby.

The SP PNG Hunters will be in Lae for only a few days, but their schedule is fully booked.

The Lae and Bumayong secondary schools, including Markham primary, are in for a treat, as the Hunters, including the Enga Mioks and Lae Snax Tigers, will be visiting them on Friday morning.

The teams and their staff will also call into the Angau General Hospital.

After that a coaching clinic for local club and teachers will be hosted at the Lae Rugby League ground.

On Saturday morning the teams will again visit the Lae Secondary School, but this time for a female only coaching clinic.

The Norths Devils will arrive in Lae on Saturday afternoon, ready for the Sunday clash.

Meantime, the Hunters’ 10-point win over Northern Pride has moved them up to the 10th spot.

Carmella Gware