Hubert Murray Stadium to be completed by this year

The Government is hoping to have the Sir Hubert Murray Stadium completed by the end of the year.

Sports Minister Justin Tkachenko revealed that it has been an eye sore for too long.

Tkachenko confirmed that before the election, he would like to see everything started and in process to be finished off before the end of the year.

Funding for the stadium is from a Public Private Partnership of K120 million through the National Government and Curtain Brothers.

An outstanding K40m is the Government’s component of making sure that stadium is complete.

Tkachenko said: “I am working with the Chief Secretary and Prime Minister to ensure that the stadium is completed by the end of the year.

“It’s also a concern for the Government and the Prime Minister as it is the only stadium that we haven’t completed.

“It is beyond our control at how the economy has turned out so that has put an impact on getting the final funding done to complete the stadium.”

The Government is now looking at the private and corporate sector to come on board and partner and complete the stadium under a tax credit scheme.

Quintina Naime