Gulf Isapea ready for 2018 season

Gulf Isapea is ready to participate in the 2018 Digicel Cup season.

Chairman Jacob Ivaroa has stated that issues surrounding their non-participation in the 2017 season have been set aside.

The board of PRK Gulf Isapea will resolve the issues with Digicel Cup Management through an arbitration process.

Ivaroa reiterated that they respect the decision for a new team bid from Gulf Province to enter the Digicel Cup season in 2018.

He stressed that with the support of Petroleum Resources Kutubu, they will help leagues in Gulf Province from as far as Sepoe at Kikori.

They have helped set up Kerema league over 6 years ago and now KRL has been able to field players in the Digicel Cup as a premier league in the country.

Ivaroa highlighted that Gulf Isapea management has been further supportive of KRL by sponsoring trophies for the winning teams in the competition in 2017.

Meantime, the board has secured a training field for the team at Malalaua Airport and they are ready to have pre-season training as well.

Ivaroa says they are working on creating a playing field under the approved funding from the previous governor, Havila Kavo.

(Loop file pic of Gulf Isapea players)

Benny Geteng