Final cut pending for SP Hunters

From 60 players, the SP Hunters train-on squad has been reduced to 32 men.

More players are expected to be dropped as the team works towards a final squad for the 2019 Intrust Super Cup season.

60 young men with big dreams were called to try out for the SP Hunters team in November 2018.

Unfortunately, nearly half of the squad was released for personal reasons, failing medical or fitness tests and ruled out with injuries.

SP Hunters assistant coach, Nigel Hukula, said it was a difficult task as the clusters of players brought in had truly showed their worth over the 6-week period.

“We reduced the team down to 32 but we’re looking at bringing that number down probably in another four or five days,” he said.

“Otherwise training’s been well.

“We have a criteria which we are looking at. Obviously fitness is one of them. Also the positions and a little bit of experience as well.

“The ISC competition is quite demanding. The first five to six weeks can get a player eased into the competition but it’s a long season and then we look at the durability of that period.”

Hukula said players are currently settling into their roles and combinations, adding since the Boas brothers and Wartovo Puara Jnr are no longer with them, the team is looking at building a new combination within their spine.

“We’ve got a couple of young boys as well as Charlie (Simon) who’s got a bit of experience there so that should add to our progression.”

Looking at youth, experience and fitness, the SP Hunters coaching staff will trim the team down to 28 in the following days.

Carmella Gware