FIFA applauds host nation

FIFA has applauded Papua New Guinea for an unexpected but wonderful tournament in the past two weeks.

Deputy chairwoman of the FIFA organising committee, Sonia Bien Aime, gave closing remarks on the tournament, saying she would like to commend the fans and supporters.

“I have been to many and I must admit that I was blown away and surprised, even I was told that the people are friendly, but what I have seen in the stadium is just amazing,” she said.

She added that she really didn’t know what to expect when she got here.

“But the way it turns out was just amazing and I was tremendously surprised to see people still supporting the other teams, even though the PNG team has left the tournament. This is just how passionate you people are with sports.”

Moreover, to go out and actually spread the campaign is another major part of the tournament which FIFA is proud to say, being the host nation, we have done well.

“The Live your Goals campaign, the meri football league and End Violence campaign were the outstanding FIFA campaigns throughout this tournament and we are proud to say that the host nation has done well.”

Lamech Jinimbo