Digicel applauds Chow on appointment

Adrian Chow has been voted chairman of the PNG National Rugby League Competition at their 2019 Annual General Meeting on February 23rd.

This will be Chow’s second term as the PNGNRLC Chairman and he will serve for another two years.

Digicel PNG Senior Vice President and Chief Sales Officer, Lorna McPherson, on behalf of Digicel, the major sponsors of the Digicel Cup, extended congratulations to Chow on his appointment.

“His appointment as the Chairman once again, reflects the level of trust and faith that the teams and their chairmen have in him. The success of our very own Digicel Cup has continued progressively under the leadership of Adrian as the Chairman of PNGNRLC,” said McPherson.

The PNGNRLC is the governing body for the Digicel Cup, which oversees all operational functions and successful delivery of the Digicel Cup Competition.

Digicel Cup Competition Manager, Stanley Hondina, added: “So much has been achieved under the leadership of Adrian, and I am pleased to note that the 12 Digicel Cup chairmen have that same level of faith and trust that we all have in Adrian.

“I am looking forward to working with Adrian to bring into fruition some of the plans we have for the competition, like the digitalization of our matches and equipping our coaches to analyse and make informed decisions based on video footage.”

At the recent Annual General Meeting for the PNGNRLC, each chairman of the 12 Digicel Cup teams attended and voted for Chow to continue his leadership as the PNGNRLC Chairman.

McPherson stated: “We have the trust and confidence that the re-appointment of the PNGNRLC Chairman will continue to see great results. Adrian has our full support and we are confident that he will continue to deliver as the chairman and for the future of rugby in PNG.”

Chow is currently the chairman of the Lae Snax Tigers, who have experienced their own success over the year. The appointed Chairman for the PNGNRLC must be a serving Chairman on one of the 12 Digicel Cup teams to be considered for this position.

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