Barras fail to register win in Scotland tour

The Cricket PNG Barramundis completed their first round of the CWC League Two fixture in Scotland overnight against the host nation and Oman.

Playing each team twice, the Barramundis failed to register a win in a closely fought round robin event held in Aberdeen.

“The four games played are part of 36 to be played over the next two and a half years so although the four losses to start is not ideal, there is a long way to go and we are still very confident going forward,” said coach Dawes.

“We were competitive in all matches, in winning positions, but if you miss a chance at this level it can cost you the game.”

Assistant Coach Nathan Reardon echoed the same sentiment.

“We were very close to winning the games, it’s the one percenters, that’s the difference; if you drop off for a brief moment it can change the game. We know we are capable and up to the challenge, but no excuses we will be better in the USA next month.”

Match Results

PNG v Oman Wed 14th August

PNG   229/8 Tony Ura 54 (63) Lega Siaka 41 (57) Zeeshan Maqsood 3/35

Oman 234/6 Sandeep Goud 67* (72) CJ Amini 2/49

Oman win by 4 wickets 5 balls to spare

PNG v Scotland Sat 17th August

PNG 205/9 Tony Ura 46 (47) Kipling Doriga 39* (40) Hamza Tahir 4/37

Sco 207/7 Kyle Coetzer 96 (123) Nosiana Pkana 3/25 Assad Vala 3/31

Scotland won by 3 wickets 7 balls left

PNG v Scotland Tue 20th August

Sco 242/7 Richie Berrington 81 (64) Kyle Coetzer 62 Nosiana Pokana 2/40

PNG 204/9 Assad Vala 48 (90) Damien Rave 38 * Mark Watt 2/43

Scotland won by 38 runs

PNG v Oman Wed 21st August

PNG 206/9 Tony Ura 34 (39) Hiri Hiri 31* Jay Odedra 4/34

Oman 207/6 Aqib ilyas 63 (76) CJ Amini 3/39 (10)

Oman won by 4 wickets

Next away round starts September 13 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA against the hosts and Namibia.

(Charles Amini jnr batting against Scotland)

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