Woman gets 12 years for killing husband’s mistress

A mother of two who admitted to killing her husband’s mistress after catching them together will spend another 10 years and nine months in jail after she received a sentence of 12 years on Thursday.

Julie Rex, of Gumine in Chimbu province, has been in custody since 26 March 2016, a period of one year, 10 months, after she killed Abaija Mol, by stabbing her with a kitchen knife in the early hours of that day.

She is in her 20s and was married to Rex Mark for 10 years.

The incident took place at Erima Swamp settlement after she saw the deceased go home with her husband early that morning after his runs. He was a taxi driver.

She later found them under the banana tree engaging in sexual activities.

Her husband ran off after a fight broke out between them.

His mistress however was stabbed twice in the back by Rex. She was later rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

She admitted in court to killing Mol. She apologized to her family and the deceased’s for her actions, which brought shame to her family and especially her two children.

She told the court she has no idea how her children are now coping with life since she was taken into remand.

Rex pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to 12 years in prison on Thursday, minus time spent in custody.

There was strong de-factor provocation for her actions. She was constantly abused by her husband. He had deserted her and their two children. She also knew of the affair but wanted to prove for herself.

Justice Panuel Mogish in sentencing her said she was under tremendous stress and pressure when she saw the husband having sex with the deceased.

“She was provoked and acted instantaneously in the heat of passion. There is present in this case, substantial provocation,” he said.

Her plea over the crime plus elements of provocation resulted in 12 years sentence.

The offense of unlawful killing or manslaughter carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

Sally Pokiton