Where are the women torturers, killers?

None of the criminals who have tortured and murdered women in the past have been arrested and tried, says a human rights advocate.

And now, they are targeting little girls.

Director of the Family Healing Foundation, Lydia Kailap, is joining the ever growing call for Government action following the recent brutal torture of a little girl in Enga Province amidst sorcery claims.

“I am trying to put together some form of peaceful protest during the PNG Games here in Kimbe,” Kailap tells Loop PNG.

“We need to demand that action is taken. In fact, I believe that this calls for a State of Emergency and the Defence Force should be sent into Enga Province to apprehend the criminals who have done this and provide some form of peace keeping force and protection for innocent women and children.

“This just has to stop.

“The Prime Minister and the PNG Government cannot play around with this issue any longer; they must get serious and address it at national level.”

Kailap says though PNG’s laws are good, enforcement is an issue.

“Kepari Leniata's murderers were never brought to justice 4 years ago when they tortured her and burnt her alive. Now her daughter.

“It will affect everything in PNG from tourism to trade. Who wants to visit, or do business, in a country that is not willing to protect over half of its citizens?”

The daughter of the late Leniata accompanied her father to Enga Province when she was accosted by villagers who believed she possessed the sanguma spirit, where she was tortured by a group of men at the Surinki area. 

Thankfully, she was rescued in a joint operation by Lutheran missionary, Anton Lutz, and the Papua New Guinea Tribal Foundation.

Her mother, on the other hand, was not so fortunate when she was falsely accused of sanguma in 2013 and burned to death by a mob in Mt. Hagen, Western Highlands Province.

Meanwhile, the advocate says they have formed the Family Healing Foundation in West New Britain Province.

“I work closely with Chief Sergeant Jennifer Aigilo of the Family and Sexual Violence Unit here. We have just started a Safe House in Kimbe.”

(Picture: Doctors Without Borders)

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