Weekly crime stats for NCD

Of the eight vehicles reported stolen in armed hold ups in the past week in the nation’s capital, Port Moresby, seven of them were recovered by police with one still outstanding.

This was conveyed in a media briefing by the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent who commended his officer on the recovery of the vehicles.

According to police, statistics of last week’s major incidents report include four cases of sexual offense;

  • 2 rape cases against minors;
  • 2 sexual assault cases;
  • 4 reported cases of fraud;
  • 4 reported cases of breaking and entering;
  • 5 reports of armed robbery;
  • 2 reported cases of homicide;
  • 2 suspicious deaths and
  • 1 willful murder.

Parents and guardians are strongly urged to be mindful of the whereabouts of their children especially minors as they are susceptible to abuse by mainly older male figures.


The weekly crimes statistics are unabated therefore the crime rate is set fluctuate.



Annette Kora