Weed out ‘money politics’: Gelu

PNG has to fight against the phenomena of ‘Money Politics’ to ensure a democratic conduct of elections in 2017.

Registrar of Political Parties, Dr Alphonse Gelu, told Loop PNG that ‘Money Politics’ has plagued PNG elections killing this key democratic process.

“We have to fight against that particular phenomena which have greatly undermined the conduct of elections since the 1980’s,” Gelu said.

Reports and allegations of bribery, undue influence and rigging of elections are common during general elections.

There have also been countless bi-elections following successful legal battles exposing illegal conduct during National Elections by candidates.

From the 2012 Elections, the two seats of Ijivitari and Madang had bi-elections after the court ruled in the favor of petitioners to nullify the elections of declared candidate following bribery and undue influence.

Dr Gelu says to weed out the practice of ‘Money Politics’ citizens have to vote based on informed decisions.

He said this is by knowing the policies of political parties and differentiating between them.

The Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates Commission have been promoting the slogan ‘Know Your Party, Vote Your Party’ which is aimed educating citizens.

The Commission has also been pushing political party’s to market and sell their policies so that people can identify with their policies and make and informed decision on who to vote for.

Loop file photo

Cedric Patjole