Viral Gr 12 list not from higher education: Secretary

The Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology confirms that the list of Grade 12 results circulated on social media is not from the department.

The authorities are yet to confirm as to where, who and how the list was obtained.

It is alleged that the list was obtained from the Higher Education website and published on one of the public forum pages on social media.

A secondary school teacher learnt of the publication of the list after students from his secondary school were questioning its credibility, which contains the full names of students, their secondary schools and the grades they acquired from the national examinations.

In a phone interview with this newsroom, DHERST secretary, Fr Jan Czuba, explained that the marking and safe keeping of the Grade 12 results is under the jurisdiction of the National Department of Education and not the higher education department.

Fr Jan said if the list was published after December 13th, after the official selections were done, then the publication is credible but if it was done before December 13th, then the list and the action of publishing it for public consumption is illegal.

Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology’s operations wing deputy secretary, Steven Matainaho, further clarified and confirmed that the Higher Education Department did not publish the alleged list on their website.

He also confirmed that the National Department of Education is the agency in charge of the results.

Attempts to get comments from the Department of Education surrounding this issue were unsuccessful.


Carolyn Ure
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