UOG responds to critics

The University of Goroka has assured parents that the academic year is progressing well.

UOG Chancellor Joseph Sukwianomb told Loop PNG that the administration is managing the situation on campus well.

Sukwianomb was responding to a ‘letter to the editor’ in one of the dailies.   

“Facebookers may have read from some desperado University of Goroka critics on some issues and challenges to UOG today,” said the Chancellor.

“Some of the issues raised in the letter are genuine and are being addressed by the University authority; still some are being investigated and are being assessed for costs, etc.

“Staff and students must not and will not be used at this critical time, election time, to cause students to deviate from the reasons why they made the choice to enter UOG.”

Chancellor Sukwianomb said the university vice-chancellor, Professor Musawe Sinebare, will make an official statement before Friday.    

The letter, published on Monday, stated that the university is on crisis mode.

It says this is due to inadequate accommodation and learning facilities, compounded with no internet connectivity for weeks now.

It further stated that the Student Representative Council is still inactive because of the removal of its constitution last year, and students now have no voice.

Charles Yapumi