Two in Maybank robbery trial discharged

The Waigani National Court has discharged two men who were on trial for their alleged involvement in the K6 million Maybank armed robbery by G4S guards in 2013.

Alphonse Samson of Eastern Highlands Province and Sonix Alowale were today discharged of the charge or information of stealing against them.

Their lawyer had earlier asked the court to dismiss the case against them through an application they had no case to answer to based on the ground that they were standing trial for the wrong charge.

They were charged with stealing when there was evidence they received stolen proceeds of the crime.

Trial judge and Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika allowed the no case submission, dismissing them on the charge of stealing.

He said they should have been on trial for receiving stolen monies  and not stealing, adding it was late for the State to amend the indictment or charge against the two after the State closed their case.

Sir Gibbs said it was the court's view that there was no prima facie or sufficient evidence made out by the State against them conspiring to steal.

However, there was evidence they received stolen monies but they were on trial answering to the wrong charge under the Criminal Code.

Their bail monies will be refunded.

Meanwhile the trial against the remaining five;

Paul Steven and Samson Banaso from the Eastern Highlands Province, Hubert Korede and Stewart Korina of Northern Province and Gelison William of Milne Bay Province will continue on Tuesday.

Louis, Steven, William, Korede and Korina were employed by G4S at the time of the alleged offense.

Casper Louis of Salamua, Morobe Province last month pleaded guilty to the allegations. His case will be heard after the trial against the five is completed.

Only K1.6 million cash was recovered from the K6 million cash that was taken on Oct 4, 2013 by G4S guards during transportation from the Waigani branch of Maybank to the Bank of PNG in Port Moresby.



Sally Pokiton