Trevor Magei is acting Oro PA

Trevor Magei has been appointed as acting Provincial Administrator for Oro for three months.

Northern Governor Gary Juffa, when making the announcement, said this follows the suspension of Sem Vegogo as Provincial Administrator on allegations of misconduct and maladministration.

He said Vegogo was suspended on the 22nd of June by the Oro Provincial Executive Council (PEC) after failing to respond to 18 counts of misconduct and maladministration allegations levelled against him by Oro Provincial Government.

He added that the allegations were both administrative and criminal in nature and Vegogo was given an opportunity to respond.

However, when he failed to do so, the Department of Personnel Management, through the Office of the Minister for Public Service, advised of his suspension which was effected by the Oro PEC.

Governor Juffa urged all public servants in the province to continue the good working relationship with Magei until such time a substantive appointment is made.

He said under the administration of Magei since November 2017, there has been significant change in the Oro Provincial Administration in terms of staff morale, including a flurry of activities in progress.

“I want to commend Mr Magei for taking control of an Administration which had been fragmented and dysfunctional since 2015,” said Governor Juffa.

Within a period of nine months under the leadership of Magei, the following activities have been achieved and they include;

  • The effective rollout of the IFMS Program in Northern Province;
  • The write on/off of 15 Provincial Accounts to pave way for the IFMS Roll-out;
  • The completion of the Annual Financial Statements (AFS) from 1996 to current.
  • Completion of Section 119 Reports for 2015,2016 and 2017;
  • Maintaining consistency in Provincial Management Team (PMT) meetings;
  • Reviewing of the 5 Year Development Plan;
  • Review of the Corporate Plan;
  • Enabling a coordinated approach towards the establishment of the Provincial Health Authority (PHA);
  • The establishment and swearing-in of Provincial Boards
  • Provincial Land Transport Board;
  • Provincial Small Crafts Board;
  • Provincial Liquor Licensing Board;

Magei was Deputy Provincial Administrator Corporate Services prior to his appointment.

Freddy Mou