Three Agriculture vice ministers to be appointed

Prime Minister James Marape intends to appoint three Vice Ministers to work with Agriculture Minister John Simon.

The announcement is expected this week.

Prime Minister Marape says one vice minister will be responsible for coffee and intervention in coffee, another will be responsible for copra, cocoa and palm oil while a third will oversee the livestock sector.

“I think we’ve given so much lip service to the agriculture space; that is the lowest hanging fruit in as far as giving back to our country and empowering our citizens,” said the PM.

“We have a robust combination of Cabinet ministers. Our intention is simple: In two years, you do not expect us to make miracles before 2022 elections. The least we can do is fixing our system of government and ensuring that we have it robust, strong and getting our country back in the right direction.”

For this to work, Marape stressed on the restoration of the public service machinery as well as ensuring that key constitutional offices are functioning.

“For instance, police must fully be functional, courthouses must fully be functional so in the next two years, I don’t intend to speak much on physical infrastructure. That will come in the process,” said PM Marape.

“2025 is a key milestone for me as I look into the future. 2025 is only six years away. We’ll be celebrating 50 years of independence in 2025. What sort of country we will bring into 2025 and beyond, is something that these generation of leaders are tasked with.”

(Members of Parliament during the June 7th swearing-in of Cabinet)


Carmella Gware