Telefomin still awaits relief supplies

More than 2,000 people of Telefomin affected by the earthquake on February 26th, are still awaiting government help to rebuild their lives.

This mountainous district of Sandaun province is within close proximity of Hela’s Tari district, where the epicenter of the quake was recorded.

A report detailing the damage done, and cost of food supplies and building materials for the rebuilding exercise was given last week to the Disaster and Restoration Committee in Port Moresby.

The report was put together by the District Authority following an assessment of the damage, carried out by government officials, teachers, and mission workers.

The report did not record any deaths or missing persons as a result of the earthquake.

Meantime, the Local MP Solan Mirisim, who is also the Defence Minister said houses and waters tanks for villagers, schools and the church have been destroyed by the disaster.

Mirisim also visited his district on March 3rd for a first hand assessment of the damage, accompanied by colleagues James Marape, Petrus Thomas and Kevin Isifu.

He said the Oksapmin High School reported similar damages to infrastructure but despite the damages, classes have continued without disruption.

He is calling on the Government to look into this and help the people of Telefomin.

“Gardens, which is their food source, have been destroyed so we need to get food supplies in as soon as possible,” he said.

Power poles distributing power from a small hydro built in the 1980s were knocked down, disrupting power supply into schools and homes of teachers, mission and government workers as well as the district office.

Freddy Mou