Tari runway inspection complete

The National Airports Corporation, geotechnical and Air Niugini officers have completed the inspection of the Tari airport runway and collected samples of soil to be tested.

The airport was closed after a report from the Royal Air Force claimed there was an underground cavity at the Tari runway.

It is also understood that Air Niugini ceased its flights due to security reasons.

National Airports Corporation quality assurance manager, John Bogona, told this newsroom that hopefully by this week, flights to Tari will resume.

He said a report will be given to Air Niugini today regarding the status of the airport.

The Hela Provincial Government is paying for all the costing involved in the inspection.

Meantime, Mr Bogona is also calling on the people of Hela to take ownership of the Tari airport and not damage it.

Mr Bogona said Tari airport is the lifeline of the people of Hela and should be given priority.

He urged the people to forget about tribal fighting and work with the provincial government and move Hela forward.

On the same token, Provincial Administrator William Bando is urging the people to seriously take some moments and reflect on the challenges their young province is going through.

“We cannot be just like this forever,” he said.  

“We have to start somewhere and it all starts with individuals and families.

“Hela will change if we forget our differences and work together for the good of our province.”

Tari-Pori MP and Finance Minister James Marape also told this newsroom that he's very supportive of the reopening of the Tari airport and looks forward to it.

Freddy Mou