Talks underway to screen social media

Consultations are already underway on how to stop malicious social media practice that infringe on the recently passed National Cybercrime Act 2016.

National Information and Communication Technology Authority (NICTA) CEO, Charles Punaha, told a media conference today in Port Moresby that they are already in talks with Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

He said an ‘Industry Code of Practice’ will help to eliminate and prosecute people using Facebook and other social media to defame other persons.    

“Because of numerous complaints we are receiving from senior public servants, we have decided to start a consultation with the industry, (it) started last week to develop an industry code of standard to govern the use of ICT services, especially internet services,” Punaha said.  

“The minimum we have requested from all the ISPs, is to appoint administrators that will monitor and screen all that is appearing on the website and undertake appropriate action when they deem that such article is offensive or criminal under the cybercrime act.   

“So we should have the code very soon to complement the provision of the cybercrime.”

He said they did a lot of work leading up to the enactment of the cybercrime act, but with the abuse going on, they need to put in place the next step. This next step involves the industry code of practice.

NICTA has also asked ISPs to set up their code of ethics.

The CEO said a public notice will be put out to inform everyone that they will be held accountable for their actions.

Charles Yapumi