Table leaked OC report: Marape

Tari-Pori MP, James Marape, has called for the leaked Ombudsman Commission Report into the alleged borrowing of the K3 billion UBS Loan to be tabled in Parliament immediately.

Marape’s call follows the surfacing of the document on social media.

The OC’s report mysteriously appeared and within hours was widely shared on social media.

In response, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill released a statement on May 15th, alleging the document was leaked by the Opposition.

The Prime Minister’s office issued a statement stating that the leaking of the document is political by some in the opposition playing a very dirty game in a desperate attempt to gain support to change the government.

“They have failed to obtain the support of the majority of Members of Parliament, so now this is their latest very low move, leaking documents from Ombudsman without checking facts and denying parties to tell their part of the story.

“This matter is likely to be the subject of a judicial review as the parties named were not properly afforded the right to natural justice when the report was in draft.

“Media organisations should also be aware that they are likely to be subject to potential legal action by individuals named.

“This issue has been dealt with in the courts and on the floor of Parliament on several occasions,” the statement read.

The statement further said the Government will not entertain such reckless attempted political interference.

In a media conference on May 16th, Marape called for the immediate tabling of the report in Parliament.

“It is fair and proper that the Speaker process it (report) to Parliament so that all of us, including myself, can have an opportunity to respond maybe on Wednesday or Thursday when the Parliament has received the report in totality,” said Marape.

“When the report is tabled in Parliament through due process, and if there is any impropriety, I’m not above the law. We are all subject to the law and that will take its own course. But as I speak to you and the press today, I am very confident that I have a very small part, if not no part, at all,” said Marape.

According to reports, the OC report was completed in December 2018 and presented to the Speaker’s Office last month.

The report alleges that 15 laws had been breached and named several former and current Parliamentarians and senior bureaucrats.

(James Marape filepic)

Cedric Patjole