Students’ ticketing process to be improved

The Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology plans to hand over all airline ticketing responsibilities to colleges and universities to manage independently.

Secretary of the Department of Higher Education, Fr Jan Czuba, says currently the Department purchases tickets for all TESAS students however, this process causes delays in students’ travels, further holding up the enrolment process for the students and institutions.

The tertiary institutions will receive money from the Higher Education Department to purchase their students’ tickets once they confirm their lists by early January, Fr Jan explained.

This is so the students can travel to school on time for registration and enrolment.

“The current process where the department purchases the tickets sometimes results in students being sent to the institutions too early or too late,” said Fr Jan.

This incurs extra costs to schools, the department and at times, on the students and their parents.

Fr Jan said changing the whole process will address some of these ongoing issues and importantly, make the enrolment system efficient. 

Carolyn Ure