Stay on Gordons eviction remains

The temporary stay order on the eviction of the families at Gordons remains in effect until next week.

Lawyers representing parties of the eviction saga over the festive period will present submissions next week on whether the current temporary stay order on the eviction be upheld or dismissed.

Magistrate, Jimmy Tapat, of the Port Moresby District Court said this when adjourning the matter this morning.

In the meantime the status quo is maintained allowing the grieving party, Lucy Agen and Cecilia Sam, to remain at the property they were evicted from on December 24th 2017.

The women are currently challenging the eviction order taken by Wen’s Holdings Limited to remove them from Section 95 alotmment 6, a unit that has been the subject of a court dispute for a few years.

Magistrate Tapat said the stay orders granted on December 26th against the eviction will remain until January 9th 2018, where lawyers will present submissions on whether to remove or extend the stay order.

Tapat also said that other matters relating to the court dispute over the property within the jurisdiction of the District Court can also be dealt with next week.

Cedric Patjole