Somare to witness event from public gallery

For the first time ever, Sir Michael Somare will be witnessing the formation of the country's new government from the public gallery.

The former East Sepik Governor retired from politics in the last Parliament sitting before the country went for the national election.

For 49 consecutive years, he was given the mandate by the people of East Sepik.

Meanwhile, the 10th Parliament is waiting for the arrival of Chief Justice Sir Salomo Injia to chair the nomination and voting of the Speaker.

All elected members are in the chambers.

The Peter O'Neill-led PNC Party coalition are seated on the Government side of the house. Sitting next to O'Neill is Sir Julius Chan, followed by William Duma, Powes Parkop and Sir Puka Temu.

On the other hand, the National Alliance and PANGU Pati coalition are on the opposite side of the House.

NA Party Leader Patrick Pruaitch, PANGU Party leader Sam Basil, Kerenga Kua, Sir Mekere Morauta and Dr Allan Marat are in the front bench of the Opposition side of the chamber.

(Police Commissioner Gari Baki with Sir Michael Somare) 

Charles Yapumi