Somare urges NA to have fighting spirit

Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare has urged the National Alliance Party to have a fighting spirit heading into the elections.

In his final speech to NA on Friday in Port Moresby, Sir Michael also advised the party and its members to work together for the common good of the country.

“Spirit bilong fait i mas stap wantaim yupela National Alliance,” said the Grand Chief. (National Alliance must have a fighting spirit).

He added: “Don’t let your country down.”

Sir Michael also highlighted the August 2011 incident where he was removed as Prime Minister while receiving medical treatment in Singapore.

He said while many thought him to be gone, he said it was not his time.

PNG’s longest serving MP and founding Prime Minister, Sir Michael, said for years he dreamt of seeing a united and strong NA once more following the 2011 saga and was happy with the turnout on Friday.

He urged the members to support the Party leaders and to sort indifferences within the party caucus.

The Grand Chief also acknowledged those in the room who supported him and NA for many years.

Sir Michael will be retiring from politics after serving for more than 40 years.

Cedric Patjole