Somare unveils plaque to mark self-government

​Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare has been taken back to the house at Konedobu, where all the planning and meeting took place in preparation for Independence.

There, he was given a final walk to the “cabinet room” where a handful of elite Papua New Guineans then sat, brainstormed ideas and pushed for Independence.

As Chief Minister during self-government, Sir Michael gathered a few young men to push this agenda.

He is proud to visit this building again before he retires.

“I have great pleasure in coming here. It was in my young days I stepped on this step when I took over from the last Australian colonial administrators,” said Sir Michael.

“There is a cabinet room inside where Independence of PNG was achieved.”

He said he will retire to his lovely province of East Sepik where his people have not failed him for 49 years.

He emotionally recalls how his people have mandated him to be their political representative for 49 years.

The program now continues to the Sir Hubert Murray Stadium.

Ruth Rungula