Somare: PNG-China relationship still strong

The PNG and China relationship extends back to 1976 and has grown stronger over the years.

Grand Chief, Sir Micheal Somare, said this on Wednesday night, when recalling the establishment of this diplomatic relationship.

He said PNG was the first in the Pacific to establish this, while other countries were still figuring out communist China’s globalisation move.

Sir Michael signed an MOU with China then, a move he says he does not regret to date.

PNG has continued this partnership as China emerged from nowhere to being a powerful developed nation to date, he said.

“And PNG is greatly honoured for this relationship,” said Somare.

Acting Ambassador of the Chinese Embassy, Yao Ling, said this move will be remembered by China forever.

“This relationship will not diminish. It will progress very quickly and fast. And we will develop PNG together,” he said.

China PNG Friendship Association is one body formed in 2007, to serve and give back to PNG communities.

Gloria Bauai