Sir Julius’ reasons for voting against SoE

New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan was among two Members of Parliament who voted against the extension of the COVID-19 State of Emergency during parliament sitting on Tuesday.

In a statement, he said the lack of evidence of the rapid spread of the virus and the wastage of public monies on the invisible virus were his reasons for voting against the SoE extension.

Sir Julius said the situation report in New Ireland shows that nothing was happening and he prefers public money to be spent on existing diseases like malaria and tuberculosis.

However, he would not have any objections if the SoE was placed on border provinces like Western and West Sepik.

Sir Julius stands on his previous statement that we cannot let the virus control our lives any longer.

He said the disparity between the rich and poor is widening, and things should be brought to normalcy or people would perish than survive from these harsh circumstances.

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